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Beige Color Net Lehenga Choli
Beige Color Net Lehenga Choli
Rs. 4,999 Rs. 2,899 (42% off)
Beige Color Net Lehenga Choli
Beige Color Net Lehenga Choli
Rs. 4,999 Rs. 2,799 (44% off)
Beige Color Georgette Lehenga Choli
Beige Color Georgette Lehenga Choli
Rs. 4,999 Rs. 2,999 (40% off)
Beige Color Net Lehenga Choli
Beige Color Net Lehenga Choli
Rs. 4,999 Rs. 2,799 (44% off)

Lehenga Choli Online

Indian Lehenga choli and Lehenga Kameez is the staple Indian clothing. Its history and root is as intriguing as the outfit. It has made a trip far to achieve where it is today. At first it was considered as the illustrious Indian clothing. Amid the Mughal period, this was worn by each lady. Today it is worn at various functions and events. Mughal structures and themes were seen on the ghagra choli designs prior however at this point it has its designs of styles and craftsmanship

Types of lehenga choli design that iStylefreak offers :-

1. A-line Lehenga

Look astonishing on your extraordinary day wearing an A-line lehenga. Highlighting A-line fix these lehengas are normally more tightly at the stitch and flaring out at the base. They look great on changed body shapes, for example, hourglass, pear shape just as tall body structure. Search for hues, textures and embellishments to ensure that it coordinates the energy in your heart and adds to your lovely look. You can likewise decide on a straightforward structure on the off chance that you are wearing it at a wedding capacity.

2. Flared Lehenga

Flared lehenga, otherwise called round lehenga, is one of the most seasoned of styles. They include expansive flares and give the impression of shaping a total hover because of the additional volume and bunches of creases. They look extraordinary on apple shape, pear shape, square shape just as hourglass figures. On the off chance that you need your wedding lehenga to be substantial they come as the best decision. Search for lovely weaving in some splendid hues for a stunning look.

3. Fish Cut Lehenga

Fish cut lehengas are otherwise called mermaid lehengas and look best on hourglass and square shape body shapes. As the name recommends these lehengas include a fishtail formed base alongside a fitted midsection, more tightly around the knees and flares at the base. Fish cut lehengas are ideal for current ladies who need to keep their look basic yet jazzy. Fish cut lehenga are likewise incredible for wearing at various wedding capacities.

4. Sharara Lehenga

Sharara lehenga is essentially a kurti worn with wide legged pants or a palazzo yet looks like a lehenga. Generally worn by Muslim ladies, these are sewed from the center of the trim like a palazzo. Sharara lehenga looks great on apple shape, pear shape, square shape and hourglass body shapes. You can likewise choose it in the event that you have a tall edge. Hues, for example, red, green and turquoise are most favored for sharara lehenga.

5. Framed Lehenga

As the name proposes, framed lehengas highlight a few boards joined together that offers it heaps of flare. The differentiating set of texture utilized offers it a beautiful and chic look. They are extraordinary for rectangular just as reversed triangle body shapes. Generally taking after an underskirt with flared base they accompany substantial embellishments and consequently are immaculate to be worn on the huge day.

6. Straight Cut Lehenga

A straight cut lehenga, as the name demonstrates, has a straight skirt that streams along the body bends and doesn't flare out like the standard lehengas. This one is the most adaptable alternative and runs well with practically all the body types.

7. Lehenga Kameez or Lehenga with a coat

The lehengas are kept flary and straightforward with a long coat shrouded in zardozi weaving or fragile weaving on velvet. Since just the fix of the lehenga is noticeable through the coat, these regularly have wide bands or overwhelming work on them. With the sort of coat that you picked, you can have an assortment of looks from rich and exquisite ones to unobtrusive and better than average ones also.

8. Half Saree Lehenga

The look is essentially because of the way one window hangings the dupatta with the lehenga. It normally is a low flare A-line lehenga.

9. Round Lehenga

This lehenga has an expansive flare and structures a total hover at the trim. The Lehenga has outrageous volume and begins with various creases at the sew that at long last diffuse as one goes down the flare.

10. Flared Lehenga

This lehenga choli is otherwise called the round style of lehenga choli. In this style, lehenga had extraordinary volume with wide flares. This sort of lehenga had essentially smooth streaming texture. An abdomen burden with substantial work or extravagant hangings, gives it a delightful look.

11. Uneven Lehenga Choli

This is one of the most recent style of lehenga which essentially doesn't have explicit hemlines or boards. These lehenga can have sticking window hangings and pre-sewed wrap or creases joined to the midriff line board on it which the lower hemline ends up lopsided. Keeping less fringes and no work on this sort of lehenga makes it look progressively excellent.

Must Have Lehengas for Modern Women

The Lehenga as a clothing and young ladies by and large have a wonderful love illicit relationship with one another since time everlasting. The way that a lehenga is the most immemorial piece of her marriage trousseau makes the bond significantly increasingly unique. In any case, these days, it's not simply the marriage lehenga that a young lady wants yet a wide range of varieties of the conventional adaptation have turned into a vital piece of her closet. From light mixed drink style lehengas to indo western variations with current cuts and embellishments, a lehenga is far beyond a portrayal of Indian custom.

So what makes the lehenga such a flexible and mainstream decision among ladies or young ladies now a days? First of all, it's too agreeable and suits most body types. Indian ladies have a past filled with displaying lehengas since the season of the Maharajas and states like Rajasthan and Gujarat are as yet radiant with this stunning outfit. What with delightful Indian hues and prints and embellishments, there is a lehenga for each event. Be it weddings, celebrations or only a regular rendition (think lehenga skirts and kurtas or even yield tops), lehengas are such a most loved over all ages.

Since its merry time and furthermore wedding season is practically around the bend, we at iStylefreak have curated the ideal lehengas for every one of your events and requirements. From light regular styles to splendid, happy lehengas and wedding lehengas, there’s wide variety to look over.

Examine the absolute most famous lehenga styles that are MUST HAVES in your closet :-

The Heavy Wedding/Occasion Wear Silk Lehenga

Be it your wedding or some dear companions' or cousins' or some extremely unique event, looking great is certainly alluring. Experiment with some dazzling silk lehengas from our wedding wear accumulation and sparkle splendid on the exceptional day.

Blustery Net/Georgette Lehengas

For the individuals who favor, simple net and georgette lehengas, we have a tremendous assortment of adorned just as light net and georgette lehengas that can energize any event absent much weight or grandeur.

Saree Style Lehengas

Some lehengas look better when the dupatta is hung like a saree. Such beautiful event wear with fishtail styles or A line cuts turn into an unquestionable requirement have when you have such huge numbers of celebrations and gatherings occurring around you.

Bubbly Wear

With such a significant number of celebrations arranged, for example, Dussehra, navratri, Diwali, Karva Chauth and so on, a ravishing lehenga turns into your go to equip as it's the ideal mix of solace and convention. Pick from an assortment of printed ones or softly adorned lehengas to shimmer more brilliant on your most loved celebration.

Light Everyday Wear Lehengas

I am an enormous fanatic of lehenga style skirts facilitated and best or even kurtas on some days so this style is your go to choice when you are feeling the windy yet gritty vibes in your day by day schedule at home or at work.

Chic Girly Crop Top And Skirt Style Lehengas

For the individuals who love the energetic and present day adaptation of the lehengas we have an assortment of harvest best and skirt style lehengas that are such a great amount in pattern now a days.

Lehenga style to suit your body type :-

The fantasy of each lady of the hour is that ideal wedding dress, which will make her resemble the most wonderful lady of the hour the man of the hour and the group have ever observed. Choosing a wedding dress is a procedure, it is a memory in making. Almost certainly, it is the most troublesome undertaking for the lady of the hour. Here are the lehenga styles according to your body type :-

1. Adjusting the wedding look of the Pear-molded young ladies:

On the off chance that you have a place with this attractive class with overwhelming bottoms, well here is a plan to parade your hotness. Demonstrate your bends by wearing a low-midsection lehenga or wrap that saree along your navel for that thin look. Go for a pullover that has both itemizing and will add volume to your chest area.

2. Lehenga for the hot lady with Hourglass figure:

In the event that you are honored with this desired sort of figure, first thank god. Presently the extreme part, Selecting the ideal wedding dress. A fishtail lehenga will be ideal for you. Include a bridle shirt or undergarment to improve your oomph impact. You can likewise attempt an A-line lehenga in a flowy texture with a few layers.

3. Lehenga for the Apple figured lady of the hour to-be:

Apple figure is alluded to those ladies who are heavier on their chest area side. You can attempt a more extended shirt or choli with a profound V slice to adjust your look. For texture, you should attempt the lighter and flowy texture like chiffon and Georgette. An intensely decorated neck area would be better. You ought to likewise attempt domain length lehengas. Keep away from heavier and still textures like brocade and tissue. Wear a shirt of a darker shading for thinning impact on the chest area.

4. Wedding Lehenga for the Straight square-molded lady of the hour:

In the event that you are a greater amount of thin and straight than girly and surprising, this is the area for you. The rationale of your lehenga is giving you progressively female and awe-inspiring look. You can attempt lehenga which complements your abdomen bends. This will attract regard for your thin midsection. Attempt choli cut pullovers with profound decorated neck areas. Fish cut lehengas are an extraordinary decision. Wear shorter pullovers rather than kurtas. You can likewise utilize the advantage of vigorously decorated dupatta in a hardened material. You can attempt girdles to characterize bends. Wearing a ton of adornments is likewise a smart thought for that pined for female look.

Various Styles to wrap a dupatta on Lehenga

There are few of the most widely recognized wrap styles for lehenga -

1. The principal style is to open the dupatta on the two shoulders in front and let it fall normally. This style is most reasonable for events which includes extremely less action by you.

2. The second style is to crease a dupatta on one shoulder and taking it crosswise over back wrap it on the contrary lower arm. There are varieties of this style in which you could open the dupatta creases on the shoulder or on the arms or even wrap a corner of the dupatta on your wrist as opposed to hanging it over the arm.

3. The third style and presumably the most widely recognized is the saree style in which you tuck one corner of the dupatta at the lehenga midriff, taking whatever is left of the dupatta around back convey it to the front and wrap it over the shoulder. You could likewise open the dupatta creases at the shoulder or even tie it in a tangle for a lightweight dupatta.

4. The fourth style is an augmentation of the primary style. For this crease a dupatta on one shoulder and abandon it open on the other shoulder. A plain dupatta whenever hung in this style may cut down the look of the lehenga and pullover weaving. You could utilize this style if your dupatta has medium to overwhelming weaving. You could either wrap the dupatta higher at the neck or structure a 'V' at the neck area with the utilization of self locking pins. On the off chance that you have an easier shirt wrap the dupatta in the second and third varieties which spread the pullover giving the troupe a heavier look.

5. The fifth and snappiest dressy wrap style is to open the dupatta on one shoulder, wrap it crosswise over front and crease the lay on the contrary lower arm. Utilize this wrap style for a progressively easygoing look to the outfit. You could likewise crease a dupatta on both the shoulders and the lower arm, similar to the second variety. Whenever conveyed effortlessly the third variety of conveying the dupatta open on the shoulders and the lower arm looks great as well.

6. The following style is the most essential as far as styling-open the dupatta and convey it on one arm. It's ideal if the dupatta has some frivolity either everywhere throughout the body or an outskirt in any event.

7. The following style of dupatta wrap is to open the dupatta and wrap it over the back and scrunch it at elbow. You could even the wrap the dupatta a little lower on one shoulder. In the event that your dupatta as a major theme in the inside this is the best style to wrap it in.

8. The other variety is to scrunch the dupatta at the two elbows and this is appropriate for dupattas with weaving along the tight edges.This style is nearly new for a lehenga dupatta and we can consider it the shawl wrap. Like an ordinary shawl for this style wrap 33% of the dupatta in front and fold over whatever remains of the dupatta tossing back the abundance over the equivalent shoulder.The essential form of this style is to tuck a side of the dupatta at back midriff and bring the dupatta around the front hanging the rest in creases over the shoulder. The side cowls that structure looks exceptionally intriguing. A variety of this style is to crease a dupatta along one of the corner at the shoulder.

9. The utilization of belts is another approach to invigorate your wrap style. Wrap the dupatta on one shoulder and wear the belt either at the navel or on the lehenga abdomen. You could likewise wrap the dupatta in the saree style and utilize the belt over it. A slight belt is ideal on the off chance that you would prefer not to feature the abdomen zone yet tuck the dupatta in it.

Revamp your Lehenga in different ways

1. Pair your marriage lehenga with an alternate lighter dupatta - The marriage lehengas, the vast majority of the occasions accompanies a substantial dupatta and utilizing an alternate light weight or plain net dupatta can help play down the greatness of your wedding outfit. You can go for a plain net dupatta in same shading with basic ribbon sewed on every one of the four sides or get more innovative and attempt a dupatta in a shading differentiating your lehenga.

2. Utilize the shirt of your marriage outfit like a saree pullover If your wedding lehenga has an overwhelming pullover at that point pair it with a plain saree. Sheer sarees work best for this sort of analysis as it gives abundant extension for the overwhelming work on your marriage pullover to be displayed.

3. Play with various style top alternatives like a long kurta-Ditch the pullover which accompanied your lehenga and investigate different choices like a long kurta or cape style straightforward shirt in differentiating shade of your lehenga. These most recent lehenga shirt structure alternatives likewise enable you to skip dupatta making your wedding lehenga wearable for littler capacities.

4. Wear your marriage lehenga with a shirt-Pairing an intensely adorned lehenga with a shirt is the most recent pattern. Everything began off with Anushka sharma in ADHM where she shook a lehenga with white shirt and layered neck pieces. Simply pair a current white or dark shirt from your closet with a lehenga and avoid the dupatta to the following wedding you visit.

5. Wear your wedding shirt and dupatta with plain lehenga-The lehenga is the most heaviest piece of your wedding outfit and to make it increasingly wearable simply skirt the lehenga and pair your wedding pullover and dupatta with a plain lehenga. You can utilize a current silk or net lehenga from your closet or get one custom fitted in present day cut or structure.

6. Add a sheer cape to your lehenga set-Sheer capes are absolutely in and they can totally change the look of an outfit. Skirt the dupatta and include a sheer net cape over your wedding lehenga for an in vogue indo western outfit alternative.

7. Utilize your dupatta with an alternate light lehenga or suit-Dupatta of your lehenga is something you can reuse ordinarily. Get a plain floor length anarkali sewed in standing out shading and wear from your wedding dupatta.

8. Try different things with your dupatta wrap Changing up the dupatta wrap can likewise make for an invigorating change with your wedding lehenga. Most ladies stick their wedding dupatta or use it to cover the head yet after your wedding you can go for an increasingly loose and a flowy dupatta wrap.

?9. Get an anarkali made out your wedding lehenga-If the possibility of a costly lehenga sitting inactive in your home doesn't sit well with you at that point change it into an anarkali. you will require a decent tailor to breath life into a smart anarkali from your wedding lehenga which you will wear significantly a greater number of times than the lehenga.Get a sheer layer joined to your shirt to resemble a lehenga anarkali.Team your wedding lehenga and pullover with a differentiating light dupatta.Cinch your lehenga look with a belt for an advanced look

10. Include a coat over your wedding lehenga-Long coats over ethnic wear are hot in pattern nowadays. You an add a story length coat to your wedding lehenga and rewear it to a wedding. For winter weddings go for silk coats or choose a sheer net coat for a late spring wedding.

11. Removing can can net and using, as Most marriage lehengas accompanied a layer of can net which adds volume to the outfit yet on the off chance that you need to reuse your wedding lehenga after your wedding you get the can expelled from underneath of your lehenga and wear it. Expelling the can layer makes the lehenga increasingly wearable and less wedding. When wearing your lehenga as is make a point to switch up the styling a bit. Go for open hair and a jhoomar and skirt the neckpiece. Use your wedding dupatta for a half saree look.

12. Rent out your designer Lehenga - You can really gain cash by leasing your wedding lehenga on the web. Various online platforms offer hassle free renting solution if your lehenga is from a leading designer.

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